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Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Be Epic with BEpic! — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – I Need Some Chocolate

For whatever reason, I need chocolate!

I usually don’t eat a lot of chocolate, in fact, I maybe have it once a month, but the craving is there. No! I’m not pregnant! Although, I am looking at these cravings as a rebirth!

I find, since we have been living in this New World of ours, I’ve heard a lot of people talking about cravings, trying new foods, and going on new diets. This New World has given a new perspective of life; for me, the rebirth in my life is not taking anything for granted and having that piece of cake if I want too.

If you love chocolate, or caramel, or anything tasty, then go for it! Enjoy what you are craving.

I am applying this theory to the rest of my life; if I am craving something positive in my life, then I am going to try and fill up that craving with as much positivism as possible. Regardless of what is going on around us, there is no reason why we can’t do our part in filling up our lives with the greatness the World still has to offer.

There are different forms of “chocolate” cake in our lives! Relationships can be the sweetest, our careers can be an indulgence all on its own, and our lifestyles can even have the “cherry” on top! You get the symbolism 😉

Bake that cake! Eat that chocolate! Enjoy every aspect of your life!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – I Need Some Chocolate!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – When You Feel Like They Are Embarrassed To Be Seen With You In Public

I know some of you do not know what it is like to feel as if you are an embarrassment to be seen with in public, especially by the person you are with at the time. The reality is that some of us do know what it is like to feel this way.

I’d like to honor those of you who have felt this way; this feeling you are having has absolutely nothing to do with you. In fact, it has everything to do with the person who is making you feel this way. They are the ones with the issues!

When all you want to do is be taken out, even if it is to go grocery shopping, or for a walk, or anywhere in public, and it is like pulling teeth to get this significant other to do this with you, and they find every reason not too, they would rather go to their friends home (without you), they occupy their time with things “they” enjoy, rather than things you could do together, then it is time to look in the mirror and set eyes on the truly most important person in your world – YOU!

This person in your life, will figure it out one day, when you have forgotten about why you even wanted to be seen with them in the first place!

Their behavior is abusive and that is the last thing you need in your life. Right?

Or has their behavior been like this just recently? Has their behavior been since something drastic happened in their lives? Or have they been battling their own insecurities? Can you take a moment to see what may be happening in their own brain? Do you have the compassion to see if it is them? Surprise! It isn’t about you!

Sometimes, it is easy to point the finger at a person when we are feeling hurt by them, when they have changed in the slightest, and when they have their own inner demons causing them havoc. The truth is, by making you feel like you are not worthy of their time, is just them not knowing how to deal with what is making themselves feel different than they normally do.

There could be many reasons for this; I’ve come up with just a few:


The obvious – Pandemic! Or how I refer to it as, yet another MIDLIFE CRISIS!

Weight gain that won’t go away? Has your significant other gained weight? Has their body image changed? (wrinkles? Not looking like the Rock or Popeye anymore? Maybe the grey hair is starting to show through).

Death in the Family?

Death of a pet?

Death of a friend?

Turning 50 or nearing the big half a century mark? How dare we get older?

This list is endless and will continue to grow as long as people stay in this mindset! Guess what? They don’t have to stay in this mindset, as long as they want to free themselves of the burden they are carrying.

Do you have it in you to stick by their side, even though their mindset about their problems have made you feel badly about yourself? Can you forgive them for not knowing any better? Can you forgive their ego?

The only thing this topic has to do with you is this:

Do you love yourself enough to know you are beautiful inside and out?

Do you love yourself enough to know you are a better person for showing compassion?

Do you love yourself enough to know that this too will pass?

Do you love yourself enough to know just how important you are?

Do you love yourself enough to know that regardless what people say or do, it is just their own insecurities?

Do you love yourself enough to move on knowing you did all that you could do?

Life is about choice, about living a “no regret” life, and being a good person. It’s pretty simple!

Regardless of your decision (only you know the extreme of your circumstance), know that you are worthy of the best in life! You are worthy of respect! You are worthy of true love! You are worthy of loyalty! You are worthy to be put first before their friends! You are worthy to be treated with dignity and grace!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – When You Feel Like They Are Embarrassed To Be Seen With You In Public

Photo Credit: Luis Galvez

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Sing Like A Bird

I’d like to tell you a little story about how important it is to have a voice; not just for singing, but to be who you are meant to be!

When I was 19 years old, which by the way, seems like yesterday (I’m proud to say I’m still 19 just with 33 years experience at it), I could sing! Boy could I sing! I would be in my bedroom in front of the mirror, just like so many more before and after me, visualizing singing on stage to thousands of people. The music filled my heart so much it ached for more! All I wanted to do was sing, not just to entertain, but more so to feel my heart and passion come alive! Nothing compared to that feeling I had when I sang.

At this time, and with the help of some great friends, I secretly planned my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary. Aside from planning the food, beverages, cake, and decorations, I also planned the entertainment – ME! I was going to face my stage fright and perform all their favorite songs. I did not have a band, all I had were the cassette tapes of these songs; it was going to have to do, as I was ready to sing over any voice that was on those tapes.

I needed to sing like a bird!

The evening was a huge hit, it was a surprise, and everyone invited showed up! It was now time to perform! I started with a classic song by The Judds, for those of you who don’t know who they are, they are a mother/daughter duo who would now compare to the raspy voice of Pink but yet the gentleness of Adele. They are really the only artists I can compare them too. I’m sure after I post this, more will come to mind.

I will never forget, after hitting some higher notes, and keeping the attention of the guests, my Uncle looked at me, with a shocked looked on his face which later turned to the confused dog look, then looked over at his two sons (who were successful in their businesses) who had the same look on their faces. After I finished singing that song, all I heard was, “that’s it! We are taking you to LA and we are getting you a contract!” I didn’t think much of it, until the next day when they called me and said, “are you ready for a career in music?”

I froze! Instant fear came over me and I hung up the phone.

I couldn’t allow myself to believe I was good enough; instantly I had every insecurity possible show up in my mind. My heart was aching for the opportunity, but my mind took over and I went on with my life.

My life brought me to a point where I lost my voice; not just to be able to sing, but to be who I really wanted to be. I was lost! Fear took over and I was lost in a place where I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t freely be me, a place where I didn’t exist. Anxiety set in and quickly I became the voice that sounded like a cat having a stroke. I lost my voice; I lost my passion.

Years went by, and knowing how my voice now could not carry a tune, I stayed quiet. I would mouth words to songs on the radio, but I would not open up to let my voice be heard. It was breaking me down more and more every single day. I never realized just how important it was to have a voice, and to be able to sing like a bird.

I became stifled in more ways than just singing. I needed to be heard, I needed to find a way to become a strong woman in this world and I needed to regain my passions in life. I just didn’t have the ability to be able to sing, but it was funny how my low self-esteem affected everything. My voice of all things was muted!

Many years later, life changed me, experiences changed me, wisdom changed me, this blog changed me, and my followers helped me to see my voice through my writing was an inspiration to others. My voice was being heard again!

I now have the fueled passion to sing like a bird again! I now have the need in my life to let it out! I now have nothing to hide! I am going to sing again! I am going to be heard and it doesn’t matter if I’m not on key, or if I sound like shattering glass, I will sing! Why? Because it is so important to have your voice heard, whether you sing, whether you want to talk, whether you have something to say, whether you are tired of being muted by the World, and whether you just want to say, “here I am, I exist in this World too!”

Sing Like A Bird My Friends, Sing Like A Bird!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Sing Like A Bird!

Photo Credit: Felecia Buitenwerf

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Sharing Dreams

When you are passionate about a dream you have for your life, all you want to do is share your vision with enthusiasm with whomever will listen. You want to share what is making you feel happy! There is nothing wrong with this concept and you should share; unfortunately, some people may not be in the same mindset as you are when it comes to sharing something positive.

Don’t fear their reaction, don’t worry if you have insulted them by sharing your positive vibe, and please do not let it stop you from pursuing your dreams! I’m sure you have heard this before, “when you hear a No, this does not mean it won’t become a Yes one day!” This is the same concept with sharing passions to negative people. Just because they are negative now, does not mean it won’t become a positive eventually. Who knows, maybe by sharing your dreams, this is what is needed for them to change their own mindset and start looking for their own dream to be passionate about. You might just be an inspiration to someone else.

Never stop sharing, never stop being passionate about your hopes, your dreams, or your goals in life, and never stop talking to people about them. When you share, you inspire! When you share, you are showing hope! When you share, you are showing a drive for something great!

The short form is this:

Inspire those with hope, to find something great!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Sharing Dreams!

Photo Credit: William Bay

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Drift Away In A Book — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

Feed your mind, feed your soul, and drift away in a book! Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle LOVES Books and LOVES Reading! We encourage everyone to pick up a book, escape into the story, and visualize a new time, a new place, and new characters. It is healthy to take a moment from the World we […]

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Drift Away In A Book — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – A Beautiful Mind Is Found In All Of Us!

A Beautiful Mind is found in all of us!

There are times in life, we may meet people who have nothing but negativity in their minds; please understand, this is temporary. A Beautiful Mind is created from life experiences; good and bad.

In my experience, it is easy to judge those based on their choices they made many years ago; how silly is this concept. Think about it! If someone made a bad decision when they were 19 years old (and I don’t mean something illegal, I mean something minor), but yet as they matured, lived a life, and at 50 years old they were still judged based on the bad decision they made 31 years ago, what a shame! These people could have become someone unique, wise, caring, compassionate, and loving; to not want anything to do with this person over something they did 31 years ago, you are the ones missing out.

You are the ones missing out on a Beautiful Mind!

Yes, there are individuals who never understand they have the potential to have a beautiful mind, but it is because they didn’t think they had any support, any love, or anyone to go to for help. They settled thinking they didn’t have any choices. We have so many options in our World, we need to encourage those who are hurting to reach out. Their beautiful mind is worth it.

What do all negatives need? They need a positive to balance it out. Never settle for any negative that is floating around in your mind; know there is always a positive to lean on and to gain wisdom from. Your beautiful mind deserves the attention, it deserves care, it deserves comfort, and it deserves forgiveness. A beautiful mind is created when we understand we are here to learn, to focus our intentions in a positive way, and to encourage others to do the same.

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – A Beautiful Mind Is Found In All Of Us!

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Spice Up Your Pantry! — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

Creativity is great in the Kitchen! Start by spicing up your pantry! If you find you are getting bored with your dinner’s, just add different spices and/or your favorite seasoning blends to it and there you go – something new! Quite often, trying to figure out what we would like for dinner becomes such a […]

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Spice Up Your Pantry! — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Love Grandma “Baking” Collection — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle is happy to release the first recipe book in the Love Grandma series. A Collection of Baking Recipes with Summer’s Cozy Corner. We hope you will enjoy all Grandma’s favorites!

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Love Grandma “Baking” Collection — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle