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I have spent over 30 years as an Executive Assistant; many years of memories. One memory which sticks out in my mind, is when I was working for a very large company, reporting to the President and CFO. I learned very quickly, how some can stereotype an Executive Assistant. It wasn’t so much about knowledge, […]

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The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Have A Good Cry

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a good cry!  It frees up space in the mind and heart.  It is a cleansing feeling which heals.  When we do not release those tears, emotions bottle up and creates anxiety and stress.  Let those tears out, welcome the sense of letting go and free yourself.

Now, for all the men who are reading this post:  There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve, getting in touch with your feelings, and expressing yourself with tears.  Unfortunately, some of you have been conditioned to believe that “real men don’t cry”; this is the worst thing I think I’ve heard!  I say this with all the Good Vibes in my heart, but whoever decided to create that quote, “real men don’t cry”, is off their rocker!  That is the best way I can put it!

You are more of a man by showing you have feelings, than if you kept all your hurt buried deep inside of you, which would then turn into a bundle of stress.  Who needs that?

Have a good cry and free yourself of all the anxiety that is bottled up!  Live free, free your mind, free your soul, and free your heart with a good cry!  You deserve to experience the comfort it will bring to you 💖

With Good Vibes Only – Have A Good Cry 💖

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Color Me Happy

All our senses need attention; the funny thing is, is when we tap into art and coloring it brings a sense of relaxation.  A sense of Peace!

I was so happy to see coloring books created for adults (mandalas, humor, etc.).  In my mind, someone finally got it!  We need to color, we need that extra outlet to calm our minds; we need to experience and escape into a childlike state again.  This brings a huge smile to our faces; the more outlets we have, the better!

This is a need in our lives; take a step back and appreciate just what color can do for our moods.  Whether you enjoy coloring, painting on canvas, or painting walls – DO IT!  There is nothing wrong with feeling like a kid again; sometimes, that is all that is needed.

With Good Vibes Only – Color Me Happy 😊

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Expose Yourself To Your Fears

My Mom would always say to me, “you can’t live your life in fear”; she was right!

Fears can eat us up!  There is no other way of putting it; they can take over and then we live our lives with anxiety.  I had and still have a couple fears in my life; I’m human!  I’ve just learned, over time, to not let it control my life.

Several years ago, I found I was having panic attacks while driving into the City to go to work; I couldn’t understand why, as I enjoyed my job.  I spoke to a mentor of mine, who brought it to my attention, some panic and anxiety attacks are caused when we have a sense that we have lost control or we have no control over a situation.  I began to analyze my life at this point.

Yes, I did enjoy my job, but it did have control over my life.  I had to change my mindset; why was I looking at my job as “control”.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but my job had become my fear.  Fear of losing a job, fear of not doing my job properly, fear, fear, and more fear.

I needed to expose myself, break down the layers, and find out why I was fearing so much about my job.  Once I came to the conclusion, I was allowing that nasty word of “control” to dictate my life, I changed my mindset and every day there was less and less anxiety and fear.  Control and fear tend to go hand-in-hand at times; one follows the other.

I decided to live my life with the mindset of “whatever is meant to be, will be”; I immediately felt calmer.  We can’t live our lives worried about what hasn’t happened yet; who knows, what we fear now could never happen.  What a waste of precious time!

It takes time and it doesn’t happen overnight, but each day does get better.  We must remember, everything happens for a reason; we may not understand it at the time, but that is also how we learn and gain wisdom.  We need to stop fearing what hasn’t happened; I think that would be the first step in facing our fears.

“you can’t live your life in fear”

With Good Vibes Only – Expose Yourself To Your Fears!  Take Your Control Back 😊

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Fun On The Farm

I will always be grateful for being able to visit my Grandma on her farm; it truly was the most peaceful environment I’ve experienced.

The fresh air, everything in her pantry was homemade, and it was like Time stood still.  For me, the main thing I looked forward to the most, aside from my Grandma, was her animals.  I could go into her chicken coop and get chased by the chickens 😂 I could go to the barn and feed the cows and I could play with her dogs!  Oh those dogs!  I loved them so much!

My Grandma had one dog named, Trigger who would smile at you!  It was such a welcoming feeling going out to the Farm.

I feel, for any child or preteen, having the opportunity to visit a farm, is extremely therapeutic for them.  I believe, aside from the fresh air, the energy from the animals is of pure love.  I can still feel that comfort to this day!

I know some of us don’t have the privilege to visit farms, but there are options.  Your local SPCA have animals that would love to have visits from children, or anyone for that matter; they are needing it the most.  In fact, if you contact your local SPCA, they would also accept volunteers to walk the animals and do other activities with them.

It would be a win/win situation, the SPCA needs people to volunteer and the kids would be receiving the best gift of all – the gift of energy/love from an animal.  Today’s children need this option, in more ways than one.  To learn to give back instead of receive and to learn to love an animal – they have hearts just like we do that need comfort 💖

With Good Vibes Only – Spend Time With An Animal And Share Your Love With Them💖 

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Stop Saying Sorry

I had a great conversation with my husband this morning; why do people say, “sorry” quite a bit when they haven’t done anything wrong?

Yes, there are times where we need to apologize for our actions, especially if we have hurt someone’s feelings, but this mornings conversation was focused more around saying, “thank you” rather than “sorry” when we haven’t hurt someone’s feelings.

For example, if someone were to say to you, “I told you that last week; don’t you remember?”  For the most part, the first thing we would say, would be, “oh, sorry, I forgot”.  Instead, we came up with this instead, “thank you for reminding me!”

We should not feel as if we have to apologize for the littlest thing that truly does not require an apology.  I’m guilty of saying, “sorry” at times; I’ve been told it is a Canadian thing (I’ve even seen this on a television commercial, believe it or not), but regardless, I’ve done it myself.  When we discussed this topic this morning, I looked at my husband and said, “you know what, you are right!”  He got me thinking!!

Today, I started really thinking about saying, “thank you” instead.  By doing so, I am showing more gratitude by saying, “thank you” if I ever find myself wanting to say, “sorry”.  Not only will this make you stop and think first before you respond, but it will help create a more positive conversation.

Another potential scenario would be, “why did you say that to me; you really offended me”, this happens in life, we don’t intentionally set out to hurt someone, but at times, it can happen.  Before you respond, think about this potential response, “thank you for bringing that to my attention; I’m sorry I offended you.”  Yes,  you are apologizing, BUT, you are showing gratitude towards this person BEFORE your apology.

I would like to believe this concept would help to bring forth more positive in everyone’s life.

It’s worth trying!

With Good Vibes Only – Stop Saying Sorry!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Menopause – It’s Not Such A Bad Word!

Menopause!  It really isn’t such a bad word!

I used to, literally, fear Menopause!  And then it happened!  What was I so worried about?  When I was younger, I didn’t have the mindset I have today – hence the need to panic over Menopause.  Now, however, I have embraced this time in my life and I am finding the laughter and the gift of this new chapter.

There is so much to look forward to in entering Menopause.  Aside from the obvious changes in our body, there are the emotional changes which have such a bad stereotype to them.  Just so you know, some look at menopause as women losing their minds while going through this new stage, and tend to refer to it as “mentalpause”, but to be honest, when I hear “mentalpause” as a reference, I say, “you know what?  You are RIGHT!”

After the shock wears off of the faces of those referring to menopause as mentalpause, I get the last laugh 😂😂  You see, to me, the phrase “mentalpause” means, I have welcomed the right to pause at anything that can affect me either emotionally, mentally, or physically in a negative way.  If I feel, something or someone is trying to manipulate me in these ways, then I can take the “pause” and make my choice to change the situation.

With Menopause, we have welcomed the right to take our control back!!  This is our time!  New chapter!

This perspective has also allowed me to laugh more when others joke about Menopause; lets face it, it can be a challenging time, but it can also be a very fun time!  It happens to every woman, so why fight it, why worry about it, why find the negative in it – EMBRACE IT!!

There is so much humor in Menopause!  For example, living in Northern Ontario, where I might add, is still snowing, I can pray for a Hot Flash and actually get one within a split second of that prayer, to melt the ice!  How about that for a Super Power!!  😉

I can also scare away a potential threat with just the blood-shot look in my eyes!  That’s from the lack of sleep by the way! 😉

On a serious note, whether it is referred to as Menopause or Mentalpause, I have taken my “pause” and have honored this new chapter in my life!   We don’t need to be the stereotype, we can be something better!

With Good Vibes Only – Menopause Is Not Such A Bad Word! 💖

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – The Time Is Right

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll do (fill in the blank) when the time is right.”  When is the time ever right?

Are you waiting to have a certain amount of money in the bank?  Whatever your reason is for “when the time is right”, I think it is time we changed this phrase to “the time IS right!”

We, as a family, have changed our thought process to “being in the NOW”.  To be honest, this concept has been working in a positive way!  The Time Is Right for anything you would like to do.  If your “time is right” is based on saving money for, there is nothing wrong with starting the planning stage, starting your visualization, starting anything positive towards this goal you have.  By doing this, you are in “the time is right” stage.

Why wait for “when”, when you can start achieving your goals NOW!  No hesitation is needed; just go for it!  You will have no regrets, you will feel more fulfilled, you will look forward to each day knowing you are in “the time is right” stage.  Remember, as long as you are doing something each day to achieve what you are waiting for, then you are accomplishing your goal.

With Good Vibes Only – The Time Is Right 😊😊


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